Codling offshore wind park

Owner’s Engineering for concept and feasibility development With a capacity in excess of 1 GW, the Codling project is set to become one of the largest offshore wind farms in Ireland. DORIS was awarded the Owner’s Engineering contract in 2021. DORIS has developed concept designs and completed feasibility studies for all aspects of the wind … Read more

Baltic Power offshore wind farm

Concept Design and Technical Services The Baltic Power OWF is located within the Polish EEZ in the Baltic Sea of Poland with a total licensed power output of up to 1.2 GW. Development of the Baltic Power offshore wind farm is a joint venture project of two experienced companies: PKN ORLEN (Poland) and Northland Power … Read more

Hai Long offshore wind farm

Provision of Owner’s Engineering and project management The Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm Project is in the Taiwan Strait and is being developed by a collaboration of Yushan Energy from Singapore and Northland Power of Toronto, Canada. With a total capacity of 1.2 GW, it consists of a phased build out of 130 -180 x … Read more

Yokji offshore wind farm

Owner’s Engineering Vena Energy is developing the 384 MW Yokji offshore wind farm 10km to the west of Yokji island and 10km east of the Namhae coast of South Korea. The project is aiming to achieve commercial operation by 2026, ahead of the Korean Government’s goal to establish an offshore wind capacity of 12 GW … Read more

Formosa 2 offshore wind farm

Consultancy services The Formosa 2 offshore wind farm project is located in the Taiwan Strait and is being jointly developed by JERA (49%), Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (26%) and Swancor Renewable Energy (25%). It consists of 47 x 8 MW WTGs (376 MW) installed on pre-piled jacket foundations. Services provided by DORIS: DORIS’ services extend … Read more