DORIS, a leader in offshore green hydrogen

DORIS has been enabling the growth of the green hydrogen industry since supporting the world's first offshore green hydrogen development in 2019. From floating structures that accommodate a few megawatts of electrolyzers to large, offshore artificial islands producing million tons of hydrogen per year, DORIS has investigated and developed ready-to-use concepts for its clients.

We strongly believe that the future of green hydrogen’s mass production lays offshore. To enable this move, DORIS has repurposed its unique expertise to develop its own offshore hydrogen production solution together with its partner Lhyfe.

Developments offshore unlock the future of green hydrogen mass-production

NereHyd™ combines Lhyfe’s renewable hydrogen production expertise with DORIS’ floating wind turbine solution NereWind™ to produce green hydrogen in offshore areas at competitive cost. NereHyd™ incorporates a hydrogen production facility into the floater of a wind turbine and can be deployed for on-grid or off-grid applications. The product is optimized to support the largest wind turbines available on the market and it has been designed with a focus on the supply chain, ensuring multiple local suppliers can fabricate components with the standard tools available at ports and yards. The product is wind turbine and electrolyser agonostics, so it can be adapted to various technologies with minor changes.

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