60 years of experience

DORIS has been a major contributor in the development of the oil and gas industry for almost 60 years. As a constant innovator, we have produced over 100 world firsts.

Oil and gas represents over 50% of the current global energy consumption. The energy type will remain an important part of our energy mix in the coming decades with gas holding a strategic position in the energy transition.

With almost 60 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, DORIS is ideally positioned to continue to support its clients in the development, operation & maintenance, and optimization of onshore and offshore oil and gas assets. DORIS’ mission is to solve the major challenges experienced by the industry by:

Improving carbon footprints to achieve global energy transition ambitions.

Reducing costs and optimizing performance to guarantee access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to all the populations.

Improving safety and environmental protection to preserve human life and the environment.

Excellence & innovation for our clients

DORIS has been innovating to meet energy challenges and respond to growing energy demand for almost 60 years. We provide the most competitive designs using the right technologies and tools as well as simpler installation methods. With a pioneering spirit, DORIS engineers and implements the sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow.

By providing performance and cost-driven solutions from concept to decommissioning, DORIS has been leading the market with superior engineering for almost 60 years. With specialized engineers working together, we set an example to the market and deliver all the engineering, advisory and project management services that energy operators and contractors need to enable safer, faster, cleaner, and lower cost production.

Lowering GHG emissions

We are committed to supporting the energy transition and the drive towards sustainable infrastructures.

As an international, integrated engineering and project management company, DORIS is ideally positioned to provide services and technical solutions to lower the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions of the energy industry.

From concept phase to asset end of life, DORIS has demonstrated its ability to optimize the performance of complex facilities installed in the harshest environments.

DORIS assists companies from strategy development to technical solutions implementation. We have capitalized on GHG reduction flagship projects to develop an integrated approach and adapted digital tools; we aim to consolidate design and operational data in order to assess GHG emissions and identify possible reduction measures. Once reduction opportunities have been identified, we accompany our clients through the engineering of innovative GHG reduction solutions. These may include electrification from low carbon sources and carbon capture or more standard solutions such as closing flare, implementing waste heat recovery units or supporting process optimization.

our “GHG Reduction” brochure

which will provide you with our services and products.

A Sustainable Approach

At DORIS, we are committed to the long-term and our company reflects an ethos of collaboration, innovation, and systemic thinking. Our commitments to the environment and society are embedded in our culture and we are driven to create a more robust and resilient world that puts sustainability at its heart.

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