De-risking the CCUS value chain while improving economics

Where CO2 emissions cannot be avoided, carbon capture can be seen as a flexible solution. However, the economics of Carbon Capture Utilization and / or Storage (CCUS) projects are largely influenced by country’s policies and emission trade or tax system. DORIS has a thorough understanding of the technical, business and regulatory challenges of its clients and delivers consulting, engineering and EPC Management services across the complete CCUS value chain, offering cost, risk and planning estimates from the conceptual stage up to the detailed engineering phase.

We help governmental, regional, industrial and end users to define the best strategy for CCUS projects and support them up to the implementation phase.

An integrated offer for all industries

DORIS’ services support the complete CO2 value chain, from capture at the point of emission (fuel combustion, industrial processes etc.) up to usage of permanent storage solutions. We consider the midstream chain of transportation by pipelines or ship.

DORIS’ involvement on CCS projects can include:

Design & modification

of plants to integrate
CCS technologies up to
execution phase

assessment – pipeline
and shipping

Overall supply
chain economics

CO2 flow assurance

Development of offshore
and subsea layouts

Production of syngas or other product from CO2 captures

Turnkey solutions to remove CO2 emissions

As an independent engineering contractor, DORIS provides tailored, industry-leading services across all phases of a carbon capture project. From the early design phase through to EPC, we provide cutting-edge solutions, strategically partnering with technology developers and integrating their innovative solutions into our services. We provide supervisory support across the procurement and construction phases, ensuring our clients projects are a success.

Our Activities

Project management
Technical assistance
Asset management



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