At DORIS, we are committed to the long-term and our company reflects an ethos of collaboration, innovation, and systemic thinking. Our commitments to the environment and society are embedded in our culture and we are driven to create a more robust and resilient world that puts sustainability at its heart. We will deliver sustainable growth that is balanced by an understanding of our client and stakeholder needs.

Therefore, we believe that the value brought by DORIS reaches domains which are interlinked: in addition to the value brought to our clients, we provide value for our people, for the society and for the environment.

In a virtuous cycle, because they believe in our vision (make conventional cleaner and low carbon energies possible) and our values (We deliver / Environment Integrity / Innovation), our teams want to deliver the best for the projects, and so provide value for the society and the environment.

Value for our people

Skills development
Inclusive environment
Appreciating input
Encouraging career progression
Sustainable activities

Value for society

DORIS conducts its business in the respect of ethical principles as an employer, as a business and as a responsible corporate citizen. As an independent partner, DORIS is committed to provide sustainable services to its clients under rules of good conduct.

Diversity & inclusion
Local Content
Local Development

Code of Conduct 2022 with attached Ethic Charter


Code of Conduct 2022

Five main Environment objectives

We are driven to make every project a more sustainable project. We challenge ourselves to improve our sustainability and that of our clients and we commit to working as low-carbon as possible. We make every ton of carbon invested in a project as productive as possible.

Risk prevention
Environmental preservation
GHG Reduction

Our Commitments

We have defined a risk & opportunity mapping for four themes: Social, Environmental, Ethics & Societal.

Download our ESG Statement

It outlines our commitment to: promoting diversity and inclusion; supporting disabled personnel; remaining a leader in energy engineering; attracting and retaining talent; remaining a fair and prosperous company; empowering local staff; remaining a responsible company; promoting low-carbon solutions; and promoting ethical business practices.

Join our teams

Your career at DORIS

We are looking to recruit personnel who are interested in working on energy projects that are significant, challenging, and varied. At DORIS, we maintain a creative, supporting working environment, placing our people at the core of our business.




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