Over 20 years of experience

DORIS draws on its 20 years of experience in offshore wind to deliver robust, innovative solutions to clients across the globe.

Offshore wind is a key component for delivering a globally decarbonised future. The offshore wind sector is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as more and more countries develop their first offshore wind farms.

The offshore wind industry is additionally seeing expansion in floating wind technology. Floating wind offers developers access to areas of rich offshore wind resource where water depths typically exceed 50-60m. Such areas have previously been inaccessible to developers owing to the impracticality of fixed turbines in such conditions. Floating turbines offer additional benefit to developers, benefitting from reduced foundation material needs and simplified installation and decommissioning over fixed types.

DORIS is committed to supporting clients as they establish or expand their offshore wind portfolios. As one of Europe’s most experienced offshore wind contractors, DORIS combines proven expertise with a drive for change to deliver successful, innovative projects.

From Engineering to Integrated Project Management

Drawing on direct experience gained from designing and project managing offshore wind farm developments, DORIS provides a complete range of engineering services through the full life-cycle of both offshore floating & fixed wind farms. These services range from permitting, conceptual studies, front-end engineering, and safety & environment studies, through to complete EPC project management, procurement, construction, and operations management.

DORIS, a world leader in offshore fixed wind

DORIS’ experience has been gained across a global spread of markets. With its origins in the UK offshore wind industry in the early 2000s, DORIS has built a track record of over 60 projects, cumulatively totaling over 90 GW. DORIS has supported offshore wind projects in over 17 countries including Taiwan, Korea, the US, Poland and Ireland.

We have contributed to over 90 GW of offshore wind projects worldwide

Accelerating floating wind

As a pioneer in floating wind, we have capitalized on our experience on projects across Europe and Asia to strengthen our engineering capabilities and develop our own floating offshore wind foundations, NereWind™ and the AWC. We work with our clients to provide the most suitable engineering solutions for their floating wind project, ensuring its success; we identify the most appropriate architecture for their unique development and draw on our experience in designing floating technology to select the best floating concept. DORIS is committed to driving change in the global energy industry. With its strong foundation of knowledge, DORIS is the expert engineering partner for operators, developers and governments looking to achieve their offshore wind targets.

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Offshore substations

As offshore wind farms become increasingly larger and are installed further from the coast, offshore substations are growing in complexity.

DORIS draws on its 60 years of experience working on offshore fixed platforms to support offshore wind substation projects.

Through our experts and network of partners, we have the capabilities to support our clients from design phase up to execution of HVAC and HVDC substation by providing both engineering and project management services.

DORIS' offshore wind products


NereWindTM is a competitive, versatile and efficient semi-submersible design with an architecture driven by the industrialisation and low LCOE. The NereWind arrangement simplifies pre-fabrication with a modular design suitable for existing wind offshore supply chains and streamlined assembly in the integration yard. The superior global performance of the floater has been demonstrated for large wind production turbines in collaboration with lead turbine international providers.


The Articulated Wind Column is a specialised, single anchor, floating foundation for very large turbines and water depths of between 70 and 250m, designed to access deep-water areas of high resource.

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