Leading the shift and
supporting strategic initiatives

DORIS supports a wide range of clients such as operators, developers and governments in the development of their business or technical road maps. From idea development to implementation, DORIS’ specialized team of consultants is prepared to develop innovative solutions and sustainable business models in line with our client’s strategy and objectives.

Our Advisory Services team is centered around technical experts and engineers. They deliver leading technical and technological expertise, providing innovative and pragmatic solutions to our clients thriving to explore new business opportunities. As we are entirely independent, we always provide our clients with unbiased advice targeting the most effective solutions.

Energy transition strategy

Energy projects development plan

Positioning within the low carbon energy market

Net zero,
GHG reduction,
decarbonisation strategy

Development and commercialization of new technologies

Supply chain and local content assessment

DORIS has been at the forefront of our client’s innovation and transition journey for almost 60 years. We aim to support leaders to reshape the energy industry through a value-driven, strategic approach based on unique industry expertise and technological know how.

Environment and Sustainability

Our Environmental and Sustainability practice provides advice and support to companies seeking to deliver projects sustainably and to the highest possible environmental standards. Expert advice is increasingly necessary for efficient project delivery as challenges arise from ever more stringent global environmental regulations.

We work with our clients to not only establish solutions with the lowest possible carbon footprint, but to provide net gain solutions that are achievable, sustainable, and meaningful. We will support our clients in the design and development of projects that are inherently nature-positive and fully compliant with relevant legislation.

With innovation and excellence at its core, the Environment & Sustainability team offers a suite of high-quality services to clients including:


Site finding

mitigation advice

Consent compliance management

Management of
on and offshore EIA

Environmental permitting
and Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA)


Sound source modelling
and verification

Environmental project management services

Desktop studies and
literature reviews

Environmental Management Plans (EMP) including Marine Mammal Mitigation Plans (MMMP)

Biodiversity Net Gain
advisory services

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