DORIS activities beyond the energy industry

DORIS has successfully carried out design, analyses, and engineering studies for several outstanding coastal development projects.

Since 1967, DORIS has been providing services for harbor and coastal developments worldwide. This includes both engineering and internal consultancy & secondment services, covering all stages of development of a project, from feasibility studies up to on-site construction follow-up.
With Océanide as our established partner for marine hydraulics and physical modelling, DORIS has all the in-house capabilities needed to engineer a harbor or coastal development. Our expertise covers in-depth wave analysis, wind and current action, hydraulic and hydrodynamic analysis, structural analyses, and soil mechanics and foundation analyses.

DORIS’ 60 years of experience in the marine & offshore industry provides a strong advantage for challenging coastal developments, located in relatively deep water and/or exposed to severe wave action.

Main sectors

DORIS and its subsidiary Océanide have successfully carried out coastal development studies in the following sectors:

  • Onshore and offshore specialized terminals (transfer and storage)
  • Intakes and outfalls
  • Commercial harbors and marinas
  • Waterfront development (coastal, industrial, urban)
  • Marine renewable energies.


Océanide operates a unique combination of test facilities that can use physical model testing to validate and optimize the design and installation phases of structures exposed to offshore seas.

• The ‘South France – Ocean Basin’ (wave, current, wind)
• The ‘South France – Coastal Engineering Basin’
• The ‘South France – Coastal Engineering Wave Flume’


Discover more about our modeling & testing capabilities

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Our Activities

Project management
Technical assistance
Asset management



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