An agile strategy focusing on unlocking
the power of data

We believe that new technologies and digital solutions can help our clients to improve their design, manage their assets or achieve their sustainability goals. In an uncertain and changing world, digital solutions can allow us to make smarter decisions, improve the way we work together and introduce new opportunities

To overcome the energy challenges of today and tomorrow, DORIS digital services tailored and integrated solutions that are suitable for any project.

DORIS uses its design and operations technical expertise across the energy industry to refine project data, strengthen and integrate relevant data, and fully utilize the potential of analytics.

The solutions developed for our clients


Asset integrity and life prediction

As the development of new oil and gas facilities slows, the life extension of these facilities is of growing interest to the industry. As one of the leading global providers of engineering for life extension of Oil & Gas assets, DORIS has developed digital solutions connected to existing monitoring system and calculation software to predict the behaviour of critical components, systems and structures and determine the remaining “useful” life of the facility.


Digital Twins

Digital twins characteristically support analytics and data management for any industrial facilities. DORIS draw on its extensive expertise in ‘metiers’ software such as AVEVA suite, SmartPlant suite and Autodesk design software to develop digital twins from earliest phase of engineering up to execution and propose its continuous support to maintain the digital twin during construction, operation and life extension.


GHG Master, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management SaaS

The decarbonization process together with the drive for more efficient and cost-effective operations is transforming our industries. To achieve the sustainability goals of our clients, we offer in-house digital applications that are tailored to client assets which can assess, track and predict GHG emissions for oil and gas facilities. Our solutions cover GHG emission prediction at design stage as well as real time assessment of operating assets to identify rapid and cost-effective opportunities of reductions.


BlueBaseTM, Digital Asset Management Solutio

The organization of historical data and related documentation is a key to an efficient of asset management system. The relationships between the different information /event (design, fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning and operations) and the actual asset are a serious challenge when various teams are working separately. DORIS has developed an agile web platform BLUEBASE™ to both help internal engineering data organization and Clients’ operation data management.

our “GHG Reduction” brochure

which will provide you with our services and products.


Asset Corrosion Management

Piping corrosion management poses a major challenge to ageing assets. With large oil and gas facilities containing thousands of piping meters, the threat of corrosion and unexpected failures grows as the asset ages. To mitigate such risks, we provide specific solutions to evaluate piping corrosion risks based on the existing monitoring system and to visualize and track the integrity losses at key locations of the facility. Combined with our engineering services, our digital approach gives a perfect solution for our clients working at optimizing their integrity management plan.


3D Model EDMS Portal

With advanced 3D modelling software such as E3D, S3D or Autodesk Inventor storing information on physical components, DORIS has developed several applications that work alongside Navisworks to link and check data from different external sources (Tag register system, EDMS, Equipment list, etc). One of the major features of our Navisworks portal is the link between the project EDMS system and the 3D Model using the tags as the key entry point. Tagged information from any external documents can be displayed together with the item in the 3D model and be used for review. Bridging the 3D model with the EDMS system enhances collaboration and reporting of the data available in the system, improving project efficiency and quality.


Offshore Wind Asset Management

DORIS has established a leading position in the fixed offshore wind sector and provides design and owner’s engineering services to clients globally.
Owing to our experience in offshore wind farm design, DORIS has developed digital solutions for wind farm asset management which are now an integrated part of DORIS digital portfolio.


Lazer Scanning and Cloud Points Integration

With in-house scanning machines as well as the expertise to combine 3D models with cloud points, DORIS can empower existing models or provide new models with customized features and integrated data. The integration of laser scans in the design is the first step to address reconditioned or extension projects. Further value can be added to the project across its lifecycle through high visualization tools, remote access, data acquisition and the ability to integrate databases from external sources from the facility.

GHG Master

To develop a more sustainable industry, it is necessary to better understand the impact of our activities and quantify emissions before identifying ways of reducing it.

DORIS assists companies from strategy development to technical solutions implementation with the ultimate goal of reducing GHG emissions over the largest scope, DORIS has capitalized on GHG reduction flagship projects and developed an integrated approach which consolidates design and operational data to assess GHG emissions and identify possible reduction measures.

To support our methodology, DORIS has developed a Software as a Service platform GHG MAsTER.
The GHG Monitoring & Assessment Tool for Emission Reduction allows our clients to receive a complete inventory of their asset’s emissions through an innovative monitoring and assessment tool.
The GHG MasTER aims to:

· Support continuous tracking and optimization of GHG emissions whilst maintaining optimum production
· Track, monitor and anticipate deviation for efficient GHG management and annual engagement
· Provide a full set of optimization options
· Reinforce the decision-making process on decarbonation strategy with clear trending and optimum forecasts with scenarios

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