Yadana – MCP Platform



DORIS performed the FEED, the Call For Tender and early Detailed Engineering for the MCP platform of Yadana.

Project outline

  • Topsides: 2 Modules over Module Support Frame (MSF)
  • Substructure: 4 Legs Jacket / 4 driven Piles
  • MCP platform weight : 7500 t
  • Bridge linked to existing Production Platform( PP)
  • Provision for future LCP (Low Pressure Compression)
  • 2 Turbo-Compression Trains (one per Module) with dedicated scrubbers & aero-coolers, fed from fuel gas.
  • Technical Rooms (Electrical, Instrumental, HVAC, workshop)
  • Other Main Equipment: Emergency Diesel Generator, Electro-hydraulic Pedestal Crane, Fuel Gas Package, Air Compressor Package, Nitrogen Package.

The MP Compression Platform (MCP) is connected by bridge to the existing Production Platform (PP) and to the future LCP Platform. The objective of MCP is to maintain the Gas Sales Production whileWellhead Flowing Pressure reduces (reservoir specificity).

Services delivered by DORIS

The 50,000-manhour project included the following:

  • Project Management & Coordination, Certification by third party
  • Site Survey of existing facilities (Bridge supports, Tie-in points, Control System & Telecoms system Integration…)
  • Basic Engineering studies of MCP, Bridge MCP/PP and modifications/integration within the existing Yadana facilities (2006)
  • CFT and Contract Documents preparation for Turbo-Compressor Packages
  • CFT’s preparation for EPSCC & TI
  • Assistance to COMPANY for Clarification of CFT’s
  • FEED verification
  • Early Detailed with HHI

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