SeaQuester Offshore CCS System

DORIS delivered conceptual process design for the carrier vessel in this offshore CCS system. Project outline SeaQuester has defined a new system for the disposal of carbon dioxide in offshore reservoirs. The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system allows for the loading, conditioning and compressing of gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) into high pressure storage facilities … Read more

Onshore H2 Distribution Station

DORIS delivered engineering across this 5 MW PEM Electrolysers facility. Project outline The project aims to set up carbon-free hydrogen production and distribution stations (with a capacity of between 500 and 1,000 kg/d of hydrogen). Services delivered by DORIS: The project consists in studying the entire hydrogen chain of this station and in particular the … Read more

Infrastructure Victoria Net Zero Emission Study

DORIS undertook engineering forecast analysis for this emission study. Project outline The project included a technical analysis and screening of four “net zero gas sector scenarios”, integrating various elements of the energy mix (wind, solar, gas, hydrogen, ammonia, electricity…) and offset solutions for the Australian State of Victoria. Services delivered by DORIS DORIS undertook engineering … Read more

CO2 Transportation

DORIS drew on its extensive flow assurance experience to deliver conceptual design support. Project outline DORIS drew on its experience in flow assurance for CO2 transportation to deliver an application case study for TotalEnergies. Services delivered by DORIS Among the studies, DORIS explored: During the OLGA and Leda studies, the main objectives were to:

Lhyfe Onshore H2 Production

DORIS supported the engineering, procurement and construction of two hydrogen production plants. Project outline Lhyfe is planning to start two new 5MW and 10 MW H2 production sites in 2023. Connected to the grid, they aim to produce green hydrogen for distribution via truck. The facility has 10 MW alkaline electrolysers. Services delivered by DORIS … Read more