Moho-Bilondo FPU

DORIS has developed the FEED and the Detailed Engineering of the FPU Topsides, and performed the EPCI of the mooring system The Moho & Bilondo reservoirs lie 1750 m to 4100 m below the mud line in water depth ranging from 600 m to 900 m. DORIS designed a Floating Production Unit (FPU) moored in … Read more

Moho-Bilondo Phase 1BIS

DORIS’ team was integrated in Total’s SPS Package Management team to manage the SPS Contractor. Project outline The Moho Nord joint development project includes two field developments, namely Moho Nord and Moho Bilondo Phase 1bis. Phase 1bis is a subsea tieback to Moho Bilondo FPU. It targets additional reserves in the southern portion, whereas Moho … Read more