SeaQuester | Offshore CCS System

The project SeaQuester has defined a new system for the disposal of carbon dioxide in offshore reservoirs. The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system allows for the loading, conditioning and compressing of gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) into high pressure storage facilities onboard a bespoke carrier vessel. The vessel sails to location, hooks up to a … Read more

Infrastructure Victoria | Net Zero Emission Study

The project Undertake a technical analysis and screening of four “net zero gas sector scenarios” integrating various energy mix (wind, solar, gas, hydrogen, ammonia, electricity…) and offset solutions for the Australian State of Victoria Scope of Work Engineering forecast analysis of energy mix for various scenarios based on probabilistic future improvements in energy technology performance … Read more

CO2 transportation Conceptual Design – Flow Assurance

The project DORIS has multiple CO2 transportation – flow assurance references. We realized an application case study for TotalEnergies. We oversaw R&D Nora project in 2019 and we have strong experience in OLGA and LedaFlow. Scope of Work Among the realized studies, DORIS studied: During the OLGA and Leda studies, the main objectives was to:

Renewable Energy Project Conceptual Study

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The project Conceptual study of the development, installation and operation of a very large-scale renewable energy production facility (1 MPTA NH3) located near Geraldton, Western Australia Scope of Work Define, assess and select the development concept, including the following steps : Facility 2 GW PEM Electrolysers

FFI | Conceptual for Offshore Green Ammonia

The project FFI is looking at using renewable energy resources to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia in order to decarbonize its own fleet of trucks and vessels as well as commercialize H2/NH3 as fuel. FFI has then investigated the best way to transport H2 by using existing sea transportation solutions. Scope of Work DORIS … Read more


DORIS provided CAPEX and OPEX optimisations for BONAPARTE FLNG The development concept consists of two integrated segments: The FLNG vessel could be redeployed to other areas at the field end-of-life.  The proposed floating liquefaction plant will utilize the gas from the Petrel, Tern and Frigate natural gas fields to produce LNG and the FLNG is anticipated … Read more


DORIS performed the full Detailed Engineering of ICHTHYS FPSO Modules due to slugging issue Ichthys gas field is located off the northern coast of Western Australia; block WA-285-P. The Ichthys Offshore includes the following key elements: SERVICES PROVIDED BY DORIS: MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: Water Depth: 235 to 275 mFPSO oil product: 100,000 bopd of condensate per day … Read more