Oil & Gas

Over 50 years of excellence

The DORIS group has been a major contributor in the development of the Oil & Gas industry. We have been continuously innovating, making more than 100 world firsts

We develop and design all parts of a field:


  • Subsea developments,
  • Fixed and floating platforms,
  • Topsides and substructures,
  • Onshore facilities,
  • fixed and floating wind turbines, cables and transformer platforms.


We provide the most competitive designs using the right technologies and simpler installation methods.


The DORIS group offers a unique combination:


  • Conceptual and FEED
  • Detailed Design, including installation engineering
  • Asset Management, including operation and maintenance,
  • Technical Assistance
  • Project Management

Therefore, we provide the full spectrum of activities and competencies, on the 5 continents, to allow the development, the execution, and the operations follow-up.


Each activity benefits from the others.


The DORIS group capitalizes on its experience in installation engineering, installation execution and operations & maintenance, to design the most optimized and safest developments.

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