July 28, 2022

DORIS wins tender for Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP) with its joint venture partner ILF Consulting Engineers for consulting services for the second phase of the feasibility study. This project will be the second-largest pipeline in the world.

The consortium consisting of NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation), Nigeria and ONHYM (Office National Des Hydrocarbures et Des Mines), Morocco, is progressing with the plans for its mega-project Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP).

The NMGP, an onshore and offshore gas pipeline crossing the land and/or waters of 16 countries along the Atlantic coast, shall bring Nigerian gas to North Africa and extend to Spain for the European market. The pipeline will also provide a new avenue for the countries along the route to export/import gas to/from their neighbouring countries and Europe.

DORIS Engineering (DORIS) located in Paris, France, together with its Joint Venture Partner ILF Consulting Engineers (ILF) with its office in Munich, Germany, is delighted to have been commissioned to carry out the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for the FEED Phase II of this project. ILF and DORIS can make use of their combined expertise in the respective fields of competence and provide a fundamental support to ONHYM and NNPC in the delivery of this strategically important project.

The PMC services provided by ILF and DORIS cover the Onshore and Offshore Pipeline and Compressor Station Engineering, the Engineering Surveys, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Land Acquisition (LAS) Studies and the Project Implementation Framework. The project explores the potential to use renewable energy resources to power the pipeline and reduce the project’s carbon footprint.

“With ILF having already been part of the Feasibility Phase and FEED Phase I of this world-scale project, the award of Phase II to us is an evidence of trust by our long term Clients ONHYM and NNPC in our Project Management Excellence and Reliability in delivering world class projects.” said Carles Giro, Area Manager Industrial Plants of ILF.

“DORIS has always demonstrated a great value in complex projects both in terms of safety and cost optimisation. While ONHYM and NNPC are moving one step further in their ambition of bringing alive this mega project, DORIS is delighted to leverage its decades of expertise in offshore developments to support the project in achieving its main objectives: responding to the highest environmental & safety requirements while ensuring the best technico-economic solutions are selected” said Francis Carmigniani, DORIS Engineering Managing Director.

When completed, the over 6000 km long gas pipeline will be the longest offshore pipeline in the world and the second longest pipeline at all. It has a planned diameter of 48 in. offshore and 56 in. onshore, with a planned throughput of 30 billion m3/yr.

With involving sixteen countries, the pipeline will not only supply the local markets with a sustainable and reliable energy source, it shall also support industrial and economical development, create a competitive regional power market and benefit all West African people, countries, and their economies.

Nigeria, an OPEC member, has the largest gas reserves in Africa and the seventh-largest in the world.

The project falls in line with the ‘Decade of Gas Master Plan’ that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari launched in 2020. On the Moroccan side, this landmark project is part of the South-South cooperation upheld by King Mohammed VI.

ILF and DORIS support strategic gas pipeline from Nigeria to Morocco | World Pipelines

ILF, Doris win PMC work on huge pipeline project (

ILF and DORIS support strategic gas pipeline from Nigeria to Morocco (



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