May 3, 2021

While green hydrogen is seen as one of the major game changers for the coming decades, the production of this clean energy vector remains a technological and economic challenge for the whole industrial world.

In order to produce a cost-effective green hydrogen, massification will be required and offshore wind is seen as a great potential to produce the required amount of clean energy to power large commercial electrolysers.

With its extensive offshore engineering and project management expertise, DORIS has decided to collaborate with the French green hydrogen producer Lhyfe in order to identify the best technical options for offshore production and support Lhyfe in the development of a suitable business model.

Main objectives of the partnership are to:

– address technical and technological challenges related to offshore H2 supply chain
– develop viable integrated business models from offshore production to end usage
– move rapidly toward industrial cases.

Xavier Grandiaud, deputy managing director of DORIS Engineering says: “Green hydrogen is one of the strategic DORIS’ initiatives to provide cleaner sources of energy for the society and reduce industrial GHG footprint. Thus, combining Lhyfe’s green hydrogen production knowledge with Doris Group’s worldwide experience in developing offshore energy projects will allow us to significantly contribute to the 2050 climate goals and to be among the leading companies producing large scale green hydrogen”.

Hydrogen Council anticipates a 2050 hydrogen market as huge as the current Oil & Gas market. DORIS is thus planning to be at the forefront of the offshore market as it has been the case for the last decades on the offshore oil & gas market and for the last 20 years on the offshore wind.

About Lhyfe

Lhyfe is a French independent operator producing hydrogen by water electrolysis using electricity produced by renewable energies only. Its innovative solution allows a carbon emission free hydrogen production, with oxygen as the only secondary product.




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