a SWAC conference on technical innovation

On the 8th of December 2022, the Innov-SWAC webinar will be host by DORIS and Deprofundis to promote SWAC systems and communicate on the global development of the cooling solution and on the EuroSWAC project.


Heating and air conditioning account for up to 50% of the energy you use at home and used in the commerce and industries.
The SWAC, Sea Water Air Conditioning, system aims to offer a turnkey, cost-effective and environmentally friendly cooling and heating solution using seawater as refrigerant, exploiting temperature difference between cold ocean water and external air temperature.

The conference

DORIS, in behalf of the Club SWAC France CSF, is organising a webinar on the 8th of December focused on SWAC techno and economical innovations. the purpose will be to both have some feedbacks from existing SWAC and to see solutions in development to foster its replicability, such as the EuroSwac project.

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❓ All the information are provided in the link below, do not hesitate to comment if you have any issue.
Innov-SWAC: a SWAC Conference on 8 December 2022 – EuroSwac

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