Technical assistance

Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance of the DORIS group is gathered under the brand STAT. It includes the Technical Assistance activities of STAT Marine, ODE, and the other Business Units of the DORIS group

STAT mission is:


To provide fit-for-purpose technical assistance to our Clients in Oil & Gas and Marine Renewable Industries all around the World:


  • With specific technical expertise
  • With additional capacity of engineering or site resources

To allow The DORIS group to provide Fully Integrated or Project Management Services by:


  • Providing a reservoir of international and local consultants
  • Adding up a significant site supervision expertise (Yard, Offshore, …)
  • Increasing the proposed range of expertise

STAT is present at all stages of a project from Conceptual phase to life of field.


STAT people are:


A core of staff people


  • Pertinent experience feedback used in the DORIS Group
  • In-house resources shared within the DORIS Group

A wide recruitment network for additional resources:

  • In-country Technical Consultancy managers
  • Access to a group database over 6,000 CVs
    • Engineering resources
    • Site supervisors (Yard, Offshore)
    • Project Control

STAT ability to work worldwide


A worldwide network of subsidiaries & partnerships

  • 17 active subsidiaries:

Global “in house” offer for Australia, UK, USA, Brazil, Angola, Nigeria, Norway, Congo, Argentina…. fully supported by STAT

  • 14 active partnerships in 2018:

Worldwide cover, through local partners: Singapore, South Korea, Senegal, etc.


Local specialized resources

  • With the DORIS group Business Units around the world, STAT offers a reservoir of local staff trained to Oil & Gas Industry Standard.



STAT complies with local legislations:

  • Visa / Work permit, Social contributions, Local & international taxes, Local content

STAT complies with social responsibilities: Security, Ethics, Insurances, Travel, Medical


STAT differentiator:


STAT Consultancy Services consists in providing Technical Assistance to our Clients all over the world, backed-up by our Engineering teams.


STAT expertise:


STAT brings a unique combination of engineering and technical consultancy services:

  • Providing a reservoir of experienced engineers
  • Ensuring a strong technical support from engineering teams
  • Facilitating technical & operational continuity

The support and expertise provided are:

  • Project Engineer
  • Interface Engineer
  • Package Management
  • Welding / Material Engineer
  • Installation Engineer
  • Flow Assurance / Process Engineer
  • Safety Engineer
  • HVAC Engineer
  • Architectural Engineer
  • Design / Drafting Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Subsea Engineer (UFR, Pipeline, SPS…)
  • Electrical Engineer
  • ICSS Engineer


Construction sites Onshore & Offshore
  • Offshore Manager / Shift Sup
  • Lifting Superintendent / CPLO
  • Diving Representative
  • Marine Operation Management
  • Marine Warranty Surveyor
  • Site Representative
  • ROV Superintendent
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Painting/Scaffolding/Corrosion Superintendant
  • Piping/Structure Superintendant
  • Valves Inspectors
  • Survey Inspectors (CSWIP 3.4)
Project Control
  • HSE Management
  • HSE Supervision
  • Contract Management
  • QA/QC Management
  • QA/QC Supervision/Control
  • Environment Engineering
  • Societal Engineering
  • Document Control
  • Cost Control
  • Planning Engineer
  • Procurement
  • Logistic Coordination
  • Admin/Rh Assistance
  • Local Content Coordination

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