DORIS performed the project management, the detailed engineering and operations engineering of the Heaviest Platform in the world


Providing oil drilling, storage and production, Hibernia is also the first iceberg resistant platform.
It can resist the impact of an iceberg having a mass of more than 4 million tonnes and drifting at a speed of up to 1.35 m/s. The anti-ice wall consists of a series of triangular teeth regularly distributed on the circumference of the GBS.

Services provided by DORIS:

Project Management

Detailed engineering:

  • Concrete: structural, dynamic and earthquake analyses, design of concrete components in temporary and in operating conditions
  • Foundation including 3D finite element analysis
  • Mechanical outfitting: temporary and permanent systems
  • All marine operations

Marine Operations

  • GBS moorings
  • Float-out from dry dock
  • GBS ballasting during afloat construction
  • Topsides load-out, transportation and mating
  • Final tow to field and installation
  • Offshore works including underbase grouting and solid ballasting

Main characteristics:

  • Total diameter 105 m
  • Total height GBS + deck 150 m
  • Total height GBS 110 m
  • GBS weight 1.4 million t
  • Deck size 98×34 m
  • Total operating load 60,000 t
  • Payload at final tow 39,000 t
  • Total volume of concrete 165,000 m3
  • Weight of reinforcing steel 85,000 t
  • Weight of prestressing steel 5,000 t
  • No. of conductors 64
  • No. of risers 4
  • No. of J-tubes 13
1,4 million ton Platform
2,500,000 manhours
  • Project

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