FFI | Conceptual for Offshore Green Ammonia


Project highlight
300 MW PEM Electrolysers

The project

FFI is looking at using renewable energy resources to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia in order to decarbonize its own fleet of trucks and vessels as well as commercialize H2/NH3 as fuel. FFI has then investigated the best way to transport H2 by using existing sea transportation solutions.

Scope of Work

DORIS performed a feasibility of converting LPGC / LNGC / VLCC to H2 / NH3 FPSO / FSO to produce and transport up to 2000ton of NH3 per day. Concept level technical definition, cost & schedule estimates of numerous conversion and new build options have been developed including the following steps :

  • Option screening criteria & descriptions (Alkaline VS PEM; storage, vessel…);
  • Recommended codes and standards;
  • Assessment of concepts, advantages, disadvantages and risks;
  • Layouts and estimated facility size and weights;
  • Construction & installation method statements CAPEX and OPEX estimate (AACE Class 5, +/- 50%)

High‐level schedule (Level 1) estimates


300 MW PEM Electrolysers

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