Detailed engineering

Detailed Engineering

During detailed design, the DORIS group can mobilize quickly a strong, large, reactive and flexible team

The DORIS group can execute detailed design in continuity of the FEED or on a stand-alone basis. We can perform detailed design for Operators or EPC Contractors.


Our in-house teams are capable to mobilize quickly a strong and large integrated team, and to bring the flexibility and the reactivity required during execution phase. We have done this at several locations worldwide (Canada, Indonesia, Australia, Nigeria, etc.).


We can work in single site or multi-sites mode as required by the project and the client.


The DORIS group can also mobilize its High Value Center in Egypt, ODENA, bringing further resources and competitiveness.


Our teams work in a collaborative spirit with the client and interface with suppliers and contractors, and contribute significantly to reduce technical, interface and planning risks.


During detailed design The DORIS group provides:


  • Detailed engineering services, including AFC (Approved For Construction) drawings,
  • Installation engineering,
  • Interface management,
  • Project scheduling, cost control,
  • Engineering support during procurement,
  • Engineering support during fabrication,
  • Engineering support during construction,
  • Engineering support during installation,
  • Engineering support during pre-commissioning and commissioning

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