Conceptual & FEED

Conceptual & FEED Engineering

Conceptual and FEED are the phases when the most value can be brought to a project



Major cost optimisations can be achieved during these phases.


This is why the DORIS group strives to understand client’s needs. Our teams work in a partnership mode from the start of the project.


The DORIS group has developed the “Fit-For-Purpose” methodology and tools, which provides considerable CAPEX reductions. This methodology has already provided major CAPEX reductions to several of our clients.




During Conceptual and FEED, construction, installation, operations and maintenance are to be included in the design to ensure proper operations by the client during asset life.


The best design for Safety:


From Conceptual and FEED phases, The DORIS group teams design the facilities ensuring that each phase of the development will be achieved safely.


In our design, we take safety into due consideration for:


  • the construction
  • the installation
  • operation and maintenance

A safe project and a safe asset are possible only with the right design.


The DORIS group – Independent company:


As an independent engineering company, The DORIS group has no particular product or concept utilization to sell. We provide a design that is fully adapted to clients’ needs.


Also the DORIS group provides design and installation methods for simpler installation, providing further CAPEX optimization.


Having a central position in the industry, the DORIS group is in continuous contact with suppliers and offshore contractors to propose the most up-to-date and competitive products, technologies and installation methodology.


Integrated engineering:


The DORIS group has a system engineering approach with multi-discipline competencies to select optimized trade-offs.


Our teams cover all the different expertise required for oil & gas developments. Working together, our engineers provide the best value to our clients.


Digital Technology:


The DORIS group utilizes the latest digital technology to create digital twins of an entire field with subsea and surface facilities. The DORIS group currently operates both suites from AVEVA and SmartPlan depending on Client’s expectation.

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