As an international integrated Engineering and Project Management company, DORIS is ideally positioned to provide services and technical solutions to lower the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions of the energy industry. From concept phase to asset end of life, DORIS has demonstrated its ability to optimize performance of complex facilities installed in the harshest environments. Its unique experience brings DORIS at the forefront of the development of cleaner sources of energy and innovative solutions to contribute to the global carbon neutrality.

our vision

DORIS, your partner to engineer the solutions of tomorrow in order to provide the sustainable energy the world needs.


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GHG Reduction

From single asset to a country-based perspective, DORIS can accompany its clients over the whole process aiming at monitoring, assessing, reporting and reducing GHG emissions.

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Carbon Capture & Storage

For ultimate GHG emissions that cannot be avoided, DORIS provides its engineering and consulting expertise to develop cost effective Carbon Capture and Storage projects.


Discover our approach and our main solutions

Green hydrogen

Benefit from DORIS’ 20 years of experience in developing low carbon energy projects to facilitate access to cheaper green hydrogen.


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our vision

Over the last 60 years, DORIS has innovated to solve the energy challenges and respond to energy growing demand. With the exact same pioneering spirit, DORIS is committed to engineer the solutions of tomorrow in order to provide the sustainable energy the world needs.

DORIS has brought sustainability at the center of its priorities and developments. We ensure each entity of the group focuses its efforts in delivering sustainable solutions through the developments they create for and with our clients. As a world leading engineering and consultancy company operating in the energy sector, we are uniquely placed to support the energy transition and the drive towards sustainable infrastructures.


DORIS vision for sustainability is driven by the following 3 pillars:


  1. Develop innovative services to support energy industry in achieving Net Zero Carbon strategy

  2. Develop innovative products and technologies to support the development of low carbon energies

  3. Always advise our clients on the most environmentally friendly solutions 

GHG ASSessment & reduction

To move forward a more sustainable industry, it is necessary to better understand the impact of our activities and quantify emissions before identifying way of reducing it.


According to the GHG Protocol corporate standard, greenhouse gas emissions are classified into three scopes:


Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions

Emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company.


Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions

Emissions from the generation of purchased electricity consumed by the company.


Scope 3: Other indirect emissions

Consequences of the company but occurs at sources owned or controlled by another company.


With the ultimate goal of reducing GHG emissions over the largest scope, DORIS assists companies from strategy development to technical solutions implementation.


DORIS has capitalized on GHG reduction flagship projects to develop an integrated approach aiming at consolidating design and operational data in order to assess GHG emissions and identify possible reduction measures.   

1 Understand company emissions

  • Collect & assess available data
  • Set up or compare to emission baseline


2 Forecast GHG emissions 

  • Support elaboration or optimization of Company GHG reduction strategy 
  • Define appropriate monitoring plan
  • Model & Analyse GHG emissions based on company strategy


3 Identify GHG reduction solutions

  • Screening & ranking of GHG reduction solutions
  • Select and elaborate GHG reduction solutions


4 Implement GHG reduction solutions 

  • Engineer and Implement GHG reduction solutions


5 Assess performance

  • Monitor impact of the solution and compare to the baseline to identify further actions

To achieve our clients GHG reduction ambitions, we place all our skills at the service of our clients including:

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Owner Engineering & Project Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Digital

     our “GHG Reduction” brochure which will provide you with our services and products.

carbon capture & storage

In case CO2 emissions cannot be avoided, the carbon capture and storage becomes an efficient solution to be deployed. However, overall CCS supply chain needs to be properly assessed as economics highly depend on the country policies and emission trade system or tax system in place. 

This is why DORIS provides consulting & engineering services in conceptual, FEED & detail phases including cost, risk & planning estimates for any assets involved in the CCS value chain. As an independent engineering contractor, we are able to propose the most adapted solutions at design stage. We can then partner with technology developers and integrate their solutions through the EPC phase.


Involvement of DORIS on CCS project:

  • Design & Modification of plants to integrate CCS technologies;
  • CO2 Flow assurance Analysis;
  • Transportation Assessment – Pipeline & Shipping;
  • Development of offshore & subsea layouts;
  • Overall supply chain economics assessment.

DORIS historical experience in process, pipeline, storage, subsea & surface facilities development is perfectly fitting with the current CCS value chain challenges.  

green hydrogen

DORIS proposes to facilitate access to cheaper hydrogen and support states, operators and final users in the development of green hydrogen by using its 60 years experience in marine & offshore engineering and operation.

Green hydrogen produced by water electrolysis can be powered by electricity from large offshore wind farm, connected to the grid or even off grid. DORIS has all the expertise to design solutions from the energy source to the final consumers.

DORIS is actively working in developing large scale green hydrogen production plants by:


  • Coupling its proprietary floating wind solution “Nerewind” with new generation electrolysers to produce hydrogen offshore from offshore floating wind farms
  • Re-using and upgrading old fixed platforms near offshore wind farms in order to accommodate large scale electrolyser
  • Developing transportation solutions for blended CH4/H2 or pure H2
  • Adapting ports infrastructure to ensure safe transport & storage of H2
  • Developing bunkering solutions for Marine & Offshore assets in order to produce energy onboard and replace fuel gas, heavy fuel or diesel


Based on its technical expertise, DORIS can provide a wide range of services to support operating companies, industrials or states including:


  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Owner Engineering & Project Management
  • Technical Assistance

     our “Offshore green Hydrogen – NereHyd” brochure which will provide you information on our offshore green hydrogen production project.

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