Subsea production

Subsea Production

The DORIS group has developed a strong expertise in the design and engineering of subsea systems for offshore field development including deepwater field development, subsea-to-beach development, subsea tie-back development, long export pipelines, etc.

Subsea systems include the following: Subsea Production System (SPS), Subsea Separation System (SSS), Subsea Boosting System (SBS), Subsea Control Module (SCM), Umbilicals/Flowlines/Risers (UFR) system, export pipelines, spools and jumpers and subsea structures like manifolds, in-line tee or flowline end termination assemblies.


Multidisciplinary teams have to be mobilized which may include, depending on the project, HSE, Field Layout, Process, Flow Assurance, Structure, Instrumentation and Control, UFR, Pipeline and Corrosion specialists.


The DORIS group benefits of a strong know-how and expertise in each of these disciplines. The ability of our engineers to work together within multidisciplinary teams, with very close interaction and coordination between the different disciplines, is also key.


Additionally the DORIS group has developed an expertise in field life extension and in integrity management studies (IMR, trouble-shooting engineering, riser monitoring, etc.).

Deep & Ultra Deep Water

The DORIS group has an extensive experience in providing design and engineering services for the development of deepwater fields, in water depths ranging from a few hundred meters to 2000 m and beyond.

The DORIS group can deliver complete field development solutions from the subsea wells, through the flowline and riser system and up to the FPSO and export system.


Hybrid Riser Towers , hybrid production loops, subsea gas/liquid separation, single production lines and electrically heated flowlines or jumpers are some examples of innovative concepts that are being developed to meet the challenges of deepwater field development. The DORIS group has been actively participating to the development of all these innovative concepts, starting in the late 90’s with the Hybrid Riser Tower concept which The DORIS group invented for use on the Girassol project.


Today the DORIS group is particularly looking at long distance tie-back and subsea-to-beach developments, which appear to be cost effective solutions for tomorrow’s deepwater developments, and at subsea processing which will probably offer good opportunities in the future.


The DORIS group is already engaged on the next challenge which will be to develop fields in Ultra Deep Water, i.e. in water depths beyond 3000 m. Among other things, DORIS has been working with several partners to develop composite carbon solutions and use of higher strength steels to reduce component weight.

Field Architecture

Making the most of all expertise available in-house, The DORIS group has developed a specific expertise in field architecture studies.

This is a very comprehensive exercise which includes (i) the screening of all the concepts and technologies available to the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, (ii) the identification of the building blocks (covering subsea systems, UFR, facilities, topsides and export systems) worth considering for the contemplated application, (iii) the combination of these building blocks to form relevant field architecture options, (iv) the preliminary definition/sizing of these different options and (v) their comparison and ranking in terms of reliability, operability, oil recovery, cost and schedule.


The entire DORIS group expertise is involved, including experts in Flow Assurance, Subsea Layout, Subsea Systems, UFR, Process, Structure, Naval Architecture, Topsides Layout, Onshore Layout and Cost/Schedule Estimate.


Flow Assurance studies can be furthermore conducted to determine the most appropriate operating strategies to optimize oil recovery.


All this work is performed in close collaboration with the client.

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