Support and Structures

The DORIS group has been designing steel and concrete substructures for more than 50 years, for all series and sizes of fixed or floating platforms, including conventional jackets, compliant towers, gravity-based structures, barge-type hulls (e.g. for FPSO, FDPSO, FPU, FSO or FLNG), pontoon-type hulls (e.g. for Semi-submersible or TLP), cylindrical hulls (e.g. for Spar) and box-type hulls (e.g. for nearshore terminal).

Besides, the DORIS group has been designing all sorts of superstructures, including topsides modules, accommodation buildings, utility buildings, shelters, etc. Again our very good understanding of shipyards practices and constraints is a big plus.


Mooring/anchoring system design and engineering is another strong expertise existing in the DORIS group, whatever the mooring system: spread or turret mooring, catenary, semi-taut or taut leg, tendon leg, chain/wire, polyester, carbon fibre, etc. This expertise is enhanced by on-site work experience, many of our engineers having been mobilised offshore to provide assistance for the installation of mooring systems.


Foundation design is generally an integral part of the design of fixed platforms or anchoring systems and is covered by our specialists.


More recently the DORIS group through its UK subsidiary ODE has developed a know-how and expertise in the design of offshore wind farm substructures (including transition pieces).

Arctic Development

DORIS Group has been one of the first pioneers in arctic field development.

Indeed DORIS Group started to offer design solutions for the development of offshore fields in the arctic region as soon as oil was discovered there, which was in the early 80’s. Since then, DORIS Group has been providing design and engineering services for the development of several fields located in arctic or ice infested areas.

An example is the Hibernia field offshore Newfoundland where a concrete gravity-based platform, first ever iceberg-resistant platform, conceptualized and engineered by DORIS Group was installed in the late 90’s. Another example is the Shtokman field in Barents Sea where DORIS Group performed the front end engineering and design of a disconnectable FPU and of the associated mooring system and subsea systems.

Today DORIS Group has all the experience and capabilities required to develop specific designs that can resist extreme weather conditions and different ice conditions such as drifting ice pack, ridges or icebergs.

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