Coastal Engineering

Coastal Engineering

The DORIS group and its subsidiary OCEANIDE have successfully carried out design, analyses and engineering studies for several outstanding coastal development projects

The expertise and capabilities that the DORIS group has been developing since more than 50 years of working in the offshore industry are directly transferable to coastal development projects, which generally require an in-depth analysis of wave, wind and current action, hydrodynamic analyses, structural analyses, soil mechanics and foundations analyses, etc.


The analogy is even more obvious when the coastal development is located in relatively deep water and/or exposed to severe wave action.


This has enabled the DORIS group and its subsidiary OCEANIDE to successfully carry out design, analyses and engineering studies for several outstanding coastal development projects, including:


  • Deep coastal breakwaters
  • Offshore breakwaters
  • Commercial harbors and marinas, jetties, wharves, open sea piers and seawalls
  • Loading and unloading terminals (minerals and hydrocarbons)
  • Floating platforms and terminals
  • Pipe landings
  • Embankments and protection of shoreline infrastructures
  • Other waterfront developments


New protective marine structures, applicable to both the offshore and coastal engineering industries, have been designed and constructed. These include:


  • Wave dissipating caissons
  • Semi-floating breakwater seawalls
  • « Fixed or oscillating water-wall » caissons


The following hydrodynamic and computer model calculations can be performed in-house:


  • Coastal wave simulation
  • Current modelling
  • Harbour wave agitation modelling
  • Sediment transportation prediction
  • Dispersion studies for dredging and intake/outfall impacts or designs


On-site measurements are frequently managed in shallow waters (up to 20 metres water depth), including:


  • Bathymetry / Topography
  • Water levels / Currents
  • Sediment sampling and analysis
  • Water analysis / Temperature

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