Our Added Value

For over 50 years

involved from conceptual to detailed design and execution, the DORIS group has striven to make projects more profitable, delivered earlier and safer.


  • We challenge to optimize CAPEX and OPEX
  • We deliver on time, and challenge to optimize the schedule for earlier production
  • We analyze early and mitigate the risks early, to make projects more profitable and safer.

Because we are independent

  • and we design facilities which are adapted to client needs. We do not sell a particular product or a particular vessel. But, as we are in a central position in the industry, we know the latest technologies and the capacities of each option
  • The DORIS group has developed the “Fit-For-Purpose” methodology, providing considerable CAPEX reductions while ensuring safe and reliable developments.

Our employees have, on average, been in the company for 15 years. Therefore

  • they are fully committed to DORIS success, and so fully committed to client success
  • This allows a strong reactivity and a collaborative spirit
  • Our teams have cumulated an incomparable experience

The DORIS Group’s wide range of activities brings a stronger value, a more global and safer solution to our clients

The DORIS group supports its clients in the development, the execution and the operations:


  • Design
  • Installation engineering
  • Technical assistance
  • Operation, inspection and maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Project management


These capabilities reinforce each other to provide to our clients:


  • strong synergies and more global solutions
  • a team that can design and manage execution for our clients
  • a design which accounts for operations, maintenance & inspection requirements
  • and so, a safer project and a safer asset

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