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Health, safety and environment (HSE)

The DORIS group ensures that HSE requirements are continuously promoted and implemented in the company and form an integral part of DORIS’ culture.

The main HSE objectives promoted by the DORIS group are:


1. The identification, mitigation and prevention of any health, safety or security risks for all human resources involved in DORIS’ activities,
2. The preservation of the environment in our engineering and operation activities

3. The development of an effective awareness on HSE matters in DORIS thanks to communication, continuous dialogue and feedback from the company’s resources,
4. The implementation of a fit for purpose training program for DORIS’ resources involved in HSE engineering or performing onshore or offshore operation assistance activities,
5. The communication with clients in order to meet their expectations on HSE matters.


In order to meet the objectives of this policy, the DORIS group has developed and is continuously upgrading its HSE Management System, in conformity with OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001, such that:


  • The occupational health, safety and environmental management objectives are achieved and adapted whenever required to comply with new legal requirements or to suit new field of activities


  • The health, safety and security of all resources working for the DORIS group is guaranteed, with a view to protect them, make them aware of any threat and continuously improve their working conditions


  • Safety & environmental requirements are implemented from the start in all design and engineering performed by the DORIS group, in order to meet the client’s HSE expectations and design installations that are safe for the personnel and the environment to build, install, operate, maintain & decommission.

Ethical Principles

The DORIS group conducts its business in the respect of ethical principles as an employer, as a business and as a responsible corporate citizen.

As an independent partner, the DORIS group is committed to provide sustainable services to its clients under rules of good conduct.

DORIS group’s ethical principles can be encompassed in five simple messages:

  • To comply with applicable laws and local regulations,
  • To establish a core culture of integrity and reject any form of corruption,
  • To behave fairly and honestly and honor commitments,
  • To respect others without discrimination,
  • To contribute to a positive working environment,

as an employer,

as a business,

as a responsible corporate citizen

Download our documents (EN):

Code of Conduct 2022

Ethics Charter 2022

Alert procedure: Whistleblowing System 2022

Télécharger nos documents (FR):

Code de conduite 2022

Charte éthique 2022

Procédure d’alerte : Dispositif de Signalement Professionnel 2022


Quality of design and service delivery has always been a priority for DORIS group over the years

As an independent partner, the DORIS group is committed to deliver the best solutions to its clients, in order to enable safer and faster developments in a cost driven market.


To this end, the objectives of the DORIS group are:


  • To enhance client satisfaction by meeting client’s requirements in terms of quality, cost and schedule
  • To develop innovative and cost-effective solutions
  • To measure and control costs related to the provision of services
  • To enhance DORIS team performance and competence through good working conditions and training

Client satisfaction

Client Satisfaction is the reason for the DORIS group’s long-term success

We have built over 50 years a valuable relationship as a partner to our clients.
Our goal is to assist all our clients in reaching their project and long-term objectives.


Client Satisfaction is one of our key values and to reach it, we’ll make sure:


  • we understand our client’s needs, constraints and objectives
  • we are proactive and flexible
  • we challenge for more optimizations at every appropriate stage of a development to make projects more profitable, delivered earlier and safer.

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